Why did I choose WordPress?

There are many reasons why I chose to become a WordPress developer. Throughout my years of coding and experimenting with different coding languages, I found PHP and WordPress to be the most exciting.


I found that of all the content management systems available, WordPress is by far the easiest to install, use, and code with. I have previously worked with other systems such as Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, and Angular2. These platforms offer great features, but it takes a fair amount of time to learn these systems. With WordPress, I was able to jump right in and start coding.

At this time, I have no future plans to switch to any other platform. I do like to work with Node.js and Angular2 on occasion, but usually this is only when I am looking to create a rest API of some sort. Otherwise, I stick with WordPress for most of my projects.

What I like most about WordPress is the theme structure. I was able to learn the theme hierarchy with minimal to no issues. I created my first theme template in a matter of a few hours. With other systems, it took me a significantly higher amount of time to piece together a basic theme or template. I have a handful of template themes I coded with different styles of navigation menus and hero layouts that I re-use depending on the project I am working on.

Another aspect of WordPress that I enjoy is how easy it is to maintain in the dashboard. Some content management systems have very complicated GUIs, whereas WordPress is very simplistic and easy to use. The majority of features can be found in the left sidebar and most options are self-explanatory.

Another reason I choose WordPress over other systems is the amount of plugins available to download. While I do code most of my website functionality into the theme itself, there are times when I need to use a 3rd party plugin. For example, one of the most common plugins I use is W3 Total Cache. It provides great caching methods and is stable and well maintained. Some other popular plugins include Yoast SEO, Redis Object Cache, Ninja Forms, Google Analytics, and the list goes on.


While these are just a few reasons why I choose WordPress over any other CMS, there are many more reasons why. I can blog all day about the different features I enjoy. Rather than writing a long and drawn out blog post for you all to read, I encourage you to install WordPress try it out yourself. You can download “Local by Flywheel”, which is free software that will spin up a Docker container containing a web server to run WordPress from your local machine for development purposes. You can check out the software here.